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Nanci Garnand

Has been a Real Estate Agent since 1995 and has used different CRM’s during the term of her career. She has seen the differences in what the different companies offer and how easy they all said there were to use. Some were hosted on her computer and some were hosted online, with multiple users using the account.

When she found this system and how easy it was to use, and how much she loved it, she could hardly wait to share with every business person or non profit that is trying to stay organized and attract new clients and relationships.

She can be out of the office traveling someplace in the world and as long as she has internet access is able to conduct business and stay connected with her clients.

Before going into real estate, Nanci started her career in the banking world as a Commercial and Consumer Loan officer, and spent time as a Vice President and Branch Manager along with Private Banker. She loved helping small business be successful.

Now she trains new real estate agents, while maintaining her real estate business and plays golf, working on getting her handicap down, so that it is not laughable.

Leadership Team

Channing Meyer

Full Circle Creative

Our balance of skills and experience makes Full Circle Creative well suited to create and implement successful sales and marketing campaigns. Our talents in marketing and design and experience in merchandising, importing, product development and retail and wholesale industries give us an edge in project management, advertising and design that sells.

Megan Anderson

Accelerated Business Consulting

Megan was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her career and education have always focused on small business management and operations. After 15 years of working as a small business operations manager, she found herself uninspired by the lack of communication, training, and overall organization provided by the business owners.

This frustration led Megan to start her own consulting firm, and for the past 5 years she has followed her passion to help established small companies move from struggling to level out the revenue rollercoaster into highly functioning organizations with solid operations that promote employee retention and create scalable growth. In 2019 Megan published her first book Zero for Free: A Practical GuideThrough Business Development. Laid out as a workbook to help business owners have better conversations with themselves about developing a solid business foundation
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