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Project Management

  • Deals work as a project manager.
  • Follow the progress of a project in Stages. 
  • Add Actions Sets to Stages of a Deal to automate tasks.

See Example Below

This example demonstrates how a Deal works.  There are many different ways to configure a Deal depending on the needs of the company.

Stage 1

When a new/existing client is interested in a product/service, the administrator assigns a specific deal to a contact.   The contact is added to the "Interested" Stage.

Stage 2

Initial Consultation

The administrator then knows that the next Stage is to set up the Initial Consultation and move the contact into that Stage.

Stage 3

Send Proposal

Once that is completed the customer is moved into the next Stage, Send Proposal. 

The Send Proposal stage has an  Action Set attached to it.
It triggers:
  • Proposal and 2020 Flags are assigned to Contact.
  • An email is sent to Administrator that the Proposal was downloaded.
  • A To-Do Plan for follow up on the proposal was added.
  • The Contact was then moved into the Prospect Category.
  • An Autoresponder was triggered sending an email to the Contact and administrator.

Stage 4

Signed Agreement/Deposit

The administrator moves the Contact into Signed Agreement/Deposit Stage.

Stage 5

Project Completed
Once the project is completed the administrator moves the Contact into the Project Completed Stage.

 An Action Set is triggered to remind the administrator to send final bill.

Stage 6

Thank You

The Contact is moved into the Thank you Stage triggering an   Action Set reminding the administrator to send a Thank you.

Stage 7

Follow Up in 1 Month
When the Contact is moved into the Follow Up in 1 Month Stage.

An   Action Set is triggered reminding the administrator to follow up by phone call or email.

The Deals' Dashboard

Examples for this partcular company

A List of the Deals

This is an example of all the Deals attached to Contacts and the Deal Type for each Contact for this company. 

The Deals link is located in the main navigation bar.

The Stages

Progress of Deal in stages
This shows the Stage of the Deal. For this example the Deal Type was set up with these Stages:
  • Interested
  • Initial Consultation
  • Send Proposal
  • Signed Agreement/Deposit
  • Project Completed
  • Send Thank You

The magic wand   shows that an Action Set will be triggered when the Deal/Contact moves into that Stage.


Create reports

Preparation for a Deal

The Steps


Create Action Sets, Notes, Related Contact(s), Flags, To-Do Plans, Categories and Autoresponders if needed.


Plan Stages for a Deal.


Create a {modal image="images/galleries/trainings/deals/deal-types-layout.jpg"}Deal Type {/modal}—a list of information to be gathered and other tasks such as Actions Sets, Notes, Related Contact(s), that can be applied.


Add Custom Fields to Deal Type, if required.


Create the Deal.


Add Deal to a Contact.

How a Deal Type Appears in Deal

Below shows side-by-side of the dashboard of a {modal image="images/galleries/trainings/deals/deal-types-layout.jpg"}Deal Type {/modal} and how it appears in the dashboard of a {modal image="images/galleries/trainings/deals/deal-summary-layout.jpg"}Deal {/modal}. Hover over the icons on image below to see how each section works.

Deal Summary

These fields are in every deal.

Custom Fields

In making a Deal Type, there are Custom Fields.  They appear in the Deal here.

Deal Features

In making a Deal Type, there are the optional Deal Features.  They appear in the Deal here.

Stages and Automation in a Deal

Dashboard Overview

Stages in Deal Dashboard

Plan ahead each step (Stage) in a project e.g.:
  1. Interested.
  2. Initial Consultation.
  3. Submit a proposal.
  4. Begin project.
  5. Project completed
  6. Send thank you.
  7. Follow up in 1 Month
Create the stages that best suit the process of a Deal.

The magic wand denotes an Actions Set has been applied to that Stage.

Automation in Deal Types

Stages in Deal Types can trigger Actions Sets. For instance, when a client reaches a certain Stage, a To-Do list or an Autoresponder can be triggered.

Before creating a Stage in a Deal Type, create Action Sets and Auto Responders.  Stages in a Deal Type can be edited after the fact.

The magic wand denotes an Actions Set has been applied to that stage.

Learn more about Action Sets in a Deal, .

Action Sets In A Deal

Create Before Making a Deal Type

  • An Action Set is triggered when the Deal moves to a different stage.
  • The magic wand shows there is an Action Set in this stage that will be triggered when the Jim Henson Deal is moved into this Stage.

  • If using Action Sets in a Deal:
    • First create applicable items: Notes, Related Contact(s), Flags, To-Do Plans, Categories and Autoresponders(s).
    • Then create Action Set.

Set Up a Deal Type

Needed Before setting up a Deal

  • Navigate to Deal Type
    • Navigate to the Settings Gear Icon located in top navigation bar.
    • Select Deal Types tab in left column.
    • Select Add Deal Type button or...
    • Edit existing Deal Type or...
    • Select Samples button and edit.
  • Configure Stages and Features
    In the Deal Type dashoard:
    • Configure Features by selecting/deselecting the checkboxes for the desired features.
    • Configure Stages by selecting the Configure link in Deal Stages. See next slide.
  • Add Custom Fields to Deal Type
    Navigate back to Deal Type dashboard. (Custom Fields show up here in the {modal image="images/galleries/trainings/deals/deal-dashboard-denote-custom-fields.jpg" title="Custom fields in Deal Dashboard"} Deal dashboard  {/modal}.)
    • Choose from the Field Types the fields to add to the Deal dashboard.
    • The number next to the Field Type denotes now many of these fields are available for this Deal.
    • Edit a custom field by selecting the pencil icon .
    • Delete the field by selecting the icon.
    • Use the arrow icons to move the order of the layout that will appear in the Deal dashboard.
    • Save after each entry.
  • Add Custom Fields to Dropdown/Checkbox
    Add the items you want to select in a dropdown/checkbox item.
  • Add Deal Stages
    Stages are the flow or the steps of the Deal Type.  Basic flow is illustrated below but the flow of each company and Deal Type is unique depending on what outcome is required.

    Select the Configure link to edit or add a stage.
  • Add, Edit, Reorder Stages
    •   Reorder step - grab this icon and move.
    •   Edit step - click and edit.
    • The magic wand shows there is an Action Set in this stage that will be triggered.
  • Adding Deal Stage
    • Name the Deal Stage.
    • To add an Action Set, select the Trigger Action Set checkbox.

Set Up a Deal

This option allows for creating a Deal without adding it to a Contact immediately.  This would be used if there are Related Contacts in the Deal.
    • Navigate to a Contact to which a Deal will be applied.
    • In the left column select the Deals Tab.
    • Select Add Deal.
    • Name the Deal.
    • Select the appropriate Deal Type.
    • Select the Stage the Deal in which the Deal begins.
    • Fill out the approriate information in the Deal that applies to this Contact.
    • Note the highlighted area.  That is where the Custom Deal Type information is added within the Deal.
    • Note the Related Contact at the bottom.  This shows to which Contact this Deal is assigned.
    • This shows the Stages of the Deals.
    • The FC Web Project Deal was initially assigned to Interested.  When it moved to the Proposal stage, an Action Set was triggered.
  • In the Contact Detail dashboard, the Action Set triggered previously appears.
    • The steps added to the To Do list.
    • The Category was added to the Contact card.
    • The Proposal Flag was added.
    • An Autoresponder was triggered.
    • The Deal appears in the Contact Details.