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Landing Page Templates: How to Create and Share

  • Landing pages are simple web pages designed to capture contact information:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
    • Other details
    • When the form is filled out, it automatically adds the person to the database of contacts.
  • The system can then trigger other events such as email notifications, autoresponders, and actions sets.

Create Landing Pages

Be sure to fill out the company Mailing Merge Profile prior to setting up a landing page.
  • Navigate to Landing Page dashboard
    Select Landing Pages in the Action Center on the Home page of SST or in settings Gear Icon located in top navigation bar.
  • Choose one of the following methods
    • Choose a page from the samples or...
    • Copy and rename a sample or a previous landing page or...
    • Create New Landing page—select button in right top corner.
  • Name the landing page
    Give your new page a title and start creating/editing.
  • Organize
    Add or move landing page into an appropriate folder.
    From the Landing Pages dashboard:
    • Select the icon next to the landing page to be added to a folder.
    • Choose existing folder or make a new one.

Edit Landing Page

  • From The Landing Page Designer
    Select "Edit This Page" button.
  • Choose content to be edited
    • Click on the areas to be edited or...
    • Select from right column. Notice that hovering over these content areas highlights the same area in the landing page layout.
    • Edit content in the box on the right. 
    • Make sure to either Apply & Save your changes which keeps the box open or...
    • Save & Close which will close the box after saving.
  • When you are finished with editing, make sure to select the "Done Editing" button in righ top corner.

Landing Page Options Before Launching

Other options that need to be completed before launching a landing page plus organizational, actions and sharing features.
  • Preview Tab
    • Preview your new landing page.
    • Select the icon to view the landing page in realtime.
  • Form Tab
    • These are the form fields that will show up in the landing page form.
    • Choose which ones appropriate for the form. 
    • Add custom fields.
    • Create Extra Fields area on the right.
      • With some of these fields you can map the data to a custom field that will show up in the contact card.
    • Set visibility options
      • Hidden
      • Optional
      • Required
    • Apply Changes (blue button at the bottom)
  • Actions Tab
  • Thank You Tab
    Create a customized Thank You page once a visitor has submitted the form on the landing page. Options:
    • Display the thank you as a basic web page.
    • Redirect the visitor to a custom thank you page on a website.
    • Redirect the visitor to another landing page.
    • Apply Changes (blue button at the bottom)
  • Advanced Tab
    • Change the name of the "Submit" button (in Legacy forms).
    • Minimize spam by selecting the "Hidden Field" checkbox.
    • Apply Changes (blue button at the bottom)

Share Your Landing Page

  • Choose the Landing Page you want to share from the Landing Pages List.
  • Click “Links & HTML” to get the Links and codes to share: Link, Shortened Link, QR Code, or HTML Code to embed in another website.

Organize Your Landing Pages

Organize your landing pages by selecting the yellow folder next to the landing page you want to either add to a new folder or move to an already existing one.