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Letter Templates

Strategic Success Tools CRM is an online office.
  • Letters can be created here.
  • Branding and company merge fields are automatically added.
  • Other merge fields can be added such as First and Last Name.

  • Select the Settings Gear Icon located in top navigation bar.
  • Navigate to Letter Templates in left column.
  • Page Settings adjust margins.
  • Note the Merge Field code %%FirstName%%. This will automatically add a selected merge field to all the letters.

The Wordprocessor

Many of these features are obvious.  Here are some other items that are not so obvious. 

Hover over the icon on image below to find our more.

Undo, Redo

Merge Fields

Here is a list of fields that can be added automatically such as First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Addresses, etc.

Add Image

Add Table

Remove Formatting

Source Code

Edit the HTML source code.  This can be handy when cutting and pasting from a Word document and there is other formatting that needs to be removed.